Utsav Gift Box
Utsav Gift Box
Utsav Gift Box

Utsav Gift Box

Customisable Gift Set | Welcoming A Homecoming

Curated for the season, our Utsav Gift Box gathers all your tea table essentials for a festive gathering.

Elegantly designed and adorned with the tradition of Kolam, share a gift of homecoming this season, welcoming your loved ones for a cup of tea.

Gift Set Shown Here Includes:

Hand Crafted Gift Box | Dimensions: 26cm x 32cm x 13cm ( L x W x H )

1 100g Utsav Tea Tin
1 Full Leaf Strainer
1 Wildflower Honey
1 Mango Chutney
1 Handcrafted Brass Bowl
1 Handwritten Gift Note

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