A Sustainable Shift

With the wellbeing of our community at heart, we believe that sustainability should
inherently be a part of any business. Now, more than ever, our planet needs us to come
together and give back, in a responsible and ethical manner. Through small actions that
we take, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint while serving our customers with
fair-trade and organic ingredients.


Through our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we are hopeful, as we join a global
network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations that pledge to tackle the
most pressing environmental issues. As a member, we are proud to contribute 1% of our
revenue in order to be a part of the solution and acknowledge our responsibility
towards climate change.



We are mindful of the carbon footprint involved in getting tea from our partner estates
to your cups. In an effort to eliminate toxic (read: plastic) packaging and offset this
footprint, we have made a sustainable shift towards Green Wrap. A biodegradable
alternative to bubble wrap that is made from renewable resources - Green Wrap
provides similar protection and is 100% recyclable.


By ethically sourcing loose leaf tea, we are proud to create blends that are of superior
quality and allow for multiple infusions. Completely biodegradable and rich in
antioxidants, loose leaf tea provides a sustainable alternative to tea bags, which contain
microplastics and are non-biodegradable.

By choosing loose leaf, we are choosing to contribute towards a more sustainable
industry. As a result of this choice, our partner estates receive higher revenues and in-turn
ensure better livelihoods for their plantation workers.


We are cognizant that paper boxes are not a sustainable packaging option for our tea blends. Keeping that in mind, we are making the switch from single-use paper boxes to reusable tins, one blend at a time. Introducing reusable tins for our teas will support our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint and ensure a more sustainable tea drinking practice for our community.


The launch of our Drawstring Tea Filter Bags contribute to our initiative in lowering our
carbon footprint. Free from microplastics and ecologically harmful chemicals, these tea
filters are biodegradable and a sustainable complement to the nuanced flavours that
loose leaf tea has to offer.


In an effort to reduce packaging waste and encourage the use of more sustainable
options, we launched a Refillable Tea Tin. As a next step in our sustainability journey,
the launch of this product was an easy choice - it gives our customers the opportunity
to reuse and recycle, while transitioning towards more sustainable tea drinking habits.


With our Namastea Tote, we encourage our customers to avoid single use plastic and
reach for this reusable bag instead. One step at a time, this tote encourages a shift
towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Handmade with a sturdy canvas material, this bag
is meant for any and every adventure, while ensuring a sustainable practice.